Anti-Virus Essentials , last update March, 1st 2022?

i just installed the AVE app on my “My Cloud EX2 Ultra”
The firmware is 5.24.108
The AVE version is 1.40

The Virus database update says 01.03.2022,
then I stopped the update and at next tray to configure the status date is
Montag, 28. Februar 2022 10:24:00
and the Update process seems to be stalled…stopped at 99%

Aktualisierung der Virendatenbank ...daily.cvd[99%]	

Any ideas what’s going on?


It’s just slowwwwww

Yes, seems right. I just had a look and it’s updated.
Thanks :+1:

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Next issue…
The complete test is running…but after the update of the virus file, the field “Check now” (in German: Jetzt prüfen) does not show any progress bar…
It is just empty.

That is normal as well @AustinForest ?


I don’t know if it’s normal… :slight_smile: but that’s the way it is…
It’s slower than updating.

Any update after March 2022 so far? :smiley: