New App: Anti Virus Essentials

I am trying to install the new app “Anti Virus Essentials” in My Cloud Mirror. I clicked the add app and ticked the app I wanted and clicked install. Upon clicking, a window is displayed showing a progress bar. After about an hour, I checked back and the progress bar is still at “initializing” stage at 0%; it didnt move since.

Same here - I’d guess it’s either because it’s brand new and everyone’s trying to do it, or else they’ve messed up the upload.

In any case I’m going to wait a little while (a few days) in case it’s the former and then try again. If it still doesn’t work it’s one to raise with WD support (although the mods here may do that already seeing this thread), but I’d advise a little patience first as this looks to be a general issue, not something specific to you.

Same here.


Please take a look at this link:

Thanks Hamlet - downloaded it from the link and it’s now installed fine. It’s labelled as the EX2 file, but seems OK on the MCM too.

One small point though, the original post has an extra . at the end of the link, which breaks it. The correct link is this one to download the bin file for manual installation.

(Editted to indicate the MCM link rather than the EX2 one, now that is available too).

Thx, i was looking for that link :D 

Just been giving it a run-out.

Installs fine (albeit taking a little while), but have to say with it doing a system scan it absolutely kills the web interface. You have to wait anything up to a few minutes for it to connect, then each screen change or refresh takes another few minutes.

So this is definitely going to be something to run when you’re not actively trying to access the web dashboard, although it doesn’t seem to affect file serving (at least via NFS, my kids were streaming a movie to my Pi whilst the beginning of the scan was running without any issues).

Also I’m wondering quite how long the full scans are actually going to take, given how large the discs are and how much time this system scan is taking.

Editted to add:

It also looks like once you’ve started a scan, you can only pause it, there’s no way to actually cancel it until it’s finished. Due to this you also can’t delete the scan until it’s finished, so once its begun you’re stuffed until it finishes unless you’re happy to live with a paused scan…

The app is working on my cloud mirror but  with doing a full system scan it kills the web interface and the performance of the device. It took me 1,5 days to get a propper access to the device again.