Alternatives for Backup, no realtime sync?

So I mapped windows user docs (pictures, music etc.) to the MyCloud Mirror (6TB). So all my files are first saved on the WD device, which I prefer.
I also have a 6TB external USB HDD connected to the WD MMyCloud Device. What I want to achieve is that whenever a new file is added (via Win. mydocs/pictures etc.) or modified that it is immediately also synchronized to the external USD HDD connected to the MyCloud.

Although I checked the options for synchronize and backup when USB is attached, it doesnt seem to work that way. Unless I manually start the Backup task, nothing happens.

Now I know that people might have better strategies, but I like this one the most:

  • my files are always remotely accessible
  • since USB HDD is attached to MyCloud there should be minimal or no impact on network speed, since its connected directly via USB 3, thus ensuring proper speed

But as said this doesnt work the way I want it to work. Is there other backup apps available that can run on the MyCloud (so not via a windows client, since this will slow down the network)

Dear WD, why cant I have the backup task run as a service on the MyCloud, so it will immediately (or with a pre-determined interval) copy files to the USB HDD?

I like the device, but the software and the speed of the interface and available apps is very, very, very limited.
Come on guys, you should be able to do a better job