Alternative Software

Hello all…I inherited a 3TB WD MyCloud. I have read numerous user comments concerning their dislike for the WD software and I, for another one, agree with them. Is the Mycloud confined to only using the WD Software or are there other options (such as OpenMediaVault, OwnCloud, etc)? Thx to all for any advice.

On the local network there is no need to use the WD software. One can use Windows Explorer (NOT Internet Explorer) on a Windows PC, or Finder on a Mac PC to access the WD My Cloud. It will show up on the network (if the WD My Cloud is properly configured).

To access the WD My Cloud remotely is another matter. Typically, without having to hack the unit or use SSH or go the VPN route, one has to use the WD software (WD My Cloud Desktop, WD My Cloud app and WD Photo for Android and iOS) or website to access the device from outside one’s local network.

I felt like that was the answer I would get…grrr. This item may have to go on EBay…many thanks Bennor

You want OpenMediaVault?  See: