All network users have un-approved access to all files on My Cloud Home via Windows File Explorer

My Cloud Home was set up by the device owner (me) on the home network. Some folders are being synced from multiple network computers and cloud storage services (google drive, one drive, dropbox) and the photos on one phone is also being backed up. All folders, devices, and cloud storage accounts belong to the My Cloud Home owner (administrator).

Other network users have not been invited yet and the family share folder is not being used yet until all security features are resolved.

When a network user logs into a windows PC (family member) they are first greeted by a message asking if they want to allow WD Discovery to make changes to the device and asks for the system administrator password. This happens every time they log on. Either the password is entered or they select No to the question. The result is no different. Once the user is into their Windows account they can open Windows 10 file explorer and see the My Cloud Home and all its contents under Network. See image from file explorer of a user who has not yet been invited.

This should not happen and only the family folder should be viewable only after the invite goes out. There is no way to apply Windows 10 folder sharing to the folders on the My Cloud Home to correct the problem and I have found nothing on this forum that comes close to the same problem or solution.

Thank you for the feedback
Access to the Private User space should not occur for other users of the computer when the Device Owner Sign Out of in WD Discovery.

So that means in order to enjoy the security of a general user, the owner should have two accounts? Owner account for shared info only and set-up and another account for storage and access of private files? This seems to be a an unnecessary and inconvenient work around.

Also, what about the issue of the windows log in prompt asking for administrator password for WD to make changes to the computer every time a user logs into their computer account? What is the software trying to change with the device? And why? How to stop?

The following KB explains why WD Discovery is ran as the Admin User