All Network Shares Lost


I have 2 WDTV Live boxes that have both worked fine until last week.  Now neither of the boxes will see my network shares on my Windows 8 server.

I’ve rebooted my server, my router, both WDTV Live boxes but stll can’t see the shares.

I can however see fodlers and files via the Media Server, but I’ve never managed to get this working properly, so I’d prefer to get the shares working again.

One more thing - I also have a Media PC running Windows 7 on the same network - that still works absolutely fine and can still see my network shares.

Any ideas?

Hello, see if you have any firewall/Antivirus enabled that might be blocking the shared folders. 

Not a clue what I’m looking for there?

Windows 8 running Windows Firewall, and I can’t see any references to WDTV in the lists.  Windows Defender AV, but can’t see anything where i could create an exception.

Tried turning off Windows Defender RealTime protection and it still doesn’t see my network shares.

In that case I recommend you to contact support, they can help you find the cause of the problem. You can contact them by phone or email.

Also running Windows 7 and I had the same problem.

1)  Hit the windows key on your keyboard, and type “services” in the run box.

2)  Click on “services”.

3)  Find the computer browser service.

4)  If ithis service has not been started, or is in manual mode, change it to automatic.

5)  Reboot your computer.

This worked for me.  the computer browser service keeps track of which devices are in your network.