Admin password


I purchased last week WD MBL  2Tb drive.  Initially, I had a lot of  problems but after uploading new firmware , new WD Smartware etc,  I am making progress. I documented them in another post.

Now, when I am creating users from dashboard, I see there is an admin account and probably I am admin. I don’t recall setting up any password for admin. Before this thing gets out of hand, is the default password for admin in dashboard settings is null ?

I do see " update password" for admin, but I am reluctant to do it because I might lock myself out.

Any help is appreciated.

Yes, by default the My book will only have the Admin user, the username and password is admin/admin, you can change the password from the dashboard but if you forget it you can always press the reset button on your My Book to put it back to the default password without deleting any of your files.


The default password to login to the MBL dashboard is admin.