Adding movies to MYCloud

I have downloaded movies from various internet sites to my laptop. But when I move them to MyCloud, they will not play on any on my devices. How do I change the format to be compatible with My Cloud. I have an LG TV and I-Pad and I-Phone.

What format are they? (Container and codec)
Do they play on the laptop?
How are you accessing them from your MyCloud: via file server or via media server?
What client apps are you using on your devices?
When you say ‘they will not play’, what do you mean? In what way will they not play?

They will play on the laptop. I copied them to MyCloud. When I try to access through My Cloud all I get is a folder with a question mark. Not sure hoe to find the container and codec

When I try to access through My Cloud all I get is a folder with a question mark.

Again: what tool are you using to access the files on the MyCloud? How are you browsing the folders, and how are you trying to play media files.
These questions are important: we cannot help you if you don’t answer them. Be precise and comprehensive in your replies.

Not sure hoe to find the container and codec

Download the tool ‘Media Info’. It will identify both container and codec. Then you need to make sure that whatever tool & platform you are trying to play them on supports those formats.

When I copy the movie folder from my laptop to MyCloud, I then open MyCloud, I click on the shared video folder. I attempt to play the movie, but it comes up with a folder with a question mark in it. I downloaded Media Diagnostic Tool, but not sure where to find codec info.

I then open MyCloud

Be specific.

Do you mean the MyCloud app? Or some other tool? ON WHAT PLATFORM? TV, iThing or what?

Try using a decent DLNA video media client app.

Diagnostic tool? Read its help/manual. I’m sure it will explain.

Really, I can’t help if you can’t or won’t answer questions properly.

I bet he is using he mycloud app on iOS like others said , I use

I open the MyCloud app on the device I am using. I get the same results on my LG Smart TV, my I-Phone, my laptop and my I-Pad.

I’m not aware of a MyCloud app for LG TVs, so you must be using some other application there. The most likely app is a DLNA Media client. Do you see the expected folder structure using this app? Can you see your movie files, even if you can’t play them?

If you access the MyCloud using Windows File Explorer, can you see the files? (This is by far the best way of accessing a mycloud locally, much better than the mycloud app) Can you play videos this way? You will need to map the MyCloud into your laptop’s file system: see p23 of the User Manual. You will have to download the user manual: Google will find it. It would be a good idea to read the entire user manual, as it will help you understand how the MyCloud works, and how to control the features it provides.

When you copied the files, what folder did you copy them to on the MyCloud?

What file extension do they have? This might give us a clue as to the container and codec formats you chose to use when you converted them from DVD.

I’ve also just dug out my iPad2 to see how it behaves.

And it shows a lot of ? for video files stored on my MyCloud, using the MyCloud app. But if I use my Android devices, the MyCloud app asks me which of the many media apps I wish to use to play the videos, and they play perfectly well.

So the problem with your iThings is not down to the MyCloud, or the MyCloud app, it’s down to the fact that you don’t have any media player apps on the iThings capable of playing the media file format you have used to encode your DVDs. And I don’t have any apps on my iPad, either. That’s a problem with the limited media file support you get with a closed platform of Apple’s ‘walled garden’. Android has a huge range of codec support built in to the operating system. iOS appears not to have.

If I use the media:connect app to browse my DLNA library, it suggests I download an app called flex:player to add media codec support. This might do what you need.

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Well, I just tried flex, and it doesn’t add any codec unless you pay for them.

I guess that’ one of the reason I stopped using the iPad and switched to Android tablets.

If one is using an iOS device and if the video file extension is in the “mp4” format, as a test try changing a couple of file extensions to “.m4v” and then check if the iOS device will show/play the video file.

Flex says it can only play MP4 and MOV files, so I suspect they’re the only types that are supported natively by iOS.