Adding a third Drive to EX4 running RAID1

I wasn’t able to find a topic that matches my questions. If I missed it I apologize.

I currently have 2 3TB drives in my EX4 running RAID1. My question is whether I can add a third drive and use it as JBOD and not part of the RAID1? Or can I have another two 3TB drives running a separate RAID1 from the other two drives?

Hi there,

You can add a 3rd drive and use it as an extra drive, because RAID 1 only uses 2 drives, My suggestion is to turn of the unit and take the 2 drives you have in RAID 1 and then create the JBOD drive, then turn the unit back on and you should be able to use the 3rd drive as a separate volume. Of course you will pit the drives in the same place they were connected.

You don’t have to remove the two drive that already in RAID 1 to be able to configure JBOD on the 3rd. WD OS should let you create the JBOD on the 3rd drive without shutdown and remove the other drives

Thanks ArMac I will try your suggestion.

Thanks jebusx, I will try your suggestion

So if I understand this right, I should be able to set up my 2 x 4TB drives (0,1) as RAID 1 and the second two drives (2,3) as JBOD without causing my backup to slow down? Can I then backup the RAID 1 to one or both of the JBOD drives for off-site storage?