Acronis WD Edition


I make backups using this and, due to a new drive decided to restore a backup rather than installing Win 7 pro plus all the apps from scratch. Spent hours trying to get it restore properly and clicking on buttons led me purchase an upgrade from Acronis.

Still had difficulties get the image restored so I contacted Acronis to be told they couldn’t garauntee that backups made with the WD edition couldn’t be garaunteed to work and they suggested I contact WD for help!

So, long story short, managed eventually to get the image restored to A WD Blue 3D Nando but during boot, the PC says no drive found though it can be seen in the bios. I put the drive into another PC and the disk manager in there says it’s not a bootable partition!

Anybody had this problem? Can’t bear the though of the hours to spend trying to restore it again…

Hello Teejay52,

If you have done the image backup of the Windows using WD Edition Acronis it must be in the drive. In order to restore the backup you need to purchase the full version of Acronis.

However, I would recommend you to contact WD Support for the boot issue with the drive from the link given below.

Hi there, yes, I made the image using WD Acronis free then purchased the full Acronis. I restored the image but wouldn’t boot, running a Windiws repair says there’s no MBR/Partition table.

Spent quite a while on chat with Acronis support, they were really supportive and helpful but stated quite clearly that, despite buying the full program they could not garauntee it would work and said the issue was for WD support!

There’s no official statement that warns of this prior to purchasing Acronis, seems they’ve had the money and that’s that. WD support asked to generate a report for them to look at which I did in the middle of last week nut haven’t heard off them since.

The machine is the main DAW used for music production, there’s 8 drives in there full of 100’s of various virtual instruments, processing plugins, sound libraries and project files so re-instating everything manually is a complete nightmare, having to re-install all the apps, re-authorise them, them mapping the DAW’s to project files and then having re-authorising them as well is no easy task.

I’m certainly not amused by this. I’ve started to do it manually now, three days so far and only half way through.

I won’t be using Acronis again for sure.