Acronis True Image WD Edition not available for My Book World Edition and other drives?


Granted, Acronis True Image WD Edition isn’t listed as available software with the MyBook World Edition. So perhaps, I shouldn’t be surprised to get the message: “To install the product, at least one Western Digital device should be installed in your system.You can purchase the full version of Acronis True Image Home edition by visiting”.

On the other hand, the two harddisks in my media center are also Western Digital’s. And the software refuses to recognize those as well! This is disappointing, especially considering the fact that WD has touted tih as a replacement for their legacy tool Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for Windows.

Does anyone know if there exists a list somewhere of all the devices that are supported by Acronis True Image WD Edition?


Read this post it will explain things. This is a hybrid prodict and has little support from either side.


Thanks, Joe.

My gripe is that Acronis TI WD doesn’t recognize the fixed drives in my PC either. Memeo Backup is a hybrid – and a flaky – product as well, so nobody seems to feel (or take) any responsibility. WD is too busy trying to sell new drives to new customers by developing bloatware like WD Photos. I think this will backfire eventually. The cobbler should stick to his last . Reliable back-ups should be of foremost importance to Western Digital, a company that says ‘Put Your Life On It’.