Acronis Cleanup Utility for the WD OEM version of True Image?

I am doing remote tech support for a friend with a windows 10 machine, a Western Digital EasyStore external drive and the Western Digital OEM version of Acronis True Image. He has used a different Western Digital external drive and OEM Acronis for years with no problem.

We are not sure if the current problem resulted from a windows update or for some other reason.

His Western Digital version of True Image will not open. It has several “services” that are running and refuse to be manually stopped.

The only Acronis software he has is OEM True Image

We are trying to uninstall Acronis and render his machine into a virgin state with respect to Acronis software. He can then re-install his Western Digital version of True Image and I suspect it will work.

The standard windows application process to uninstall, freezes.

The Acronis uninstall exe freezes.

The Microsoft “troubleshooter” program reports that it is not able to identify the problem.

I see in the documentation reference to an Acronis Cleanup Utility. But we cannot find any such software on my friend machine. And the only downloads I can find online are for the full featured True Image and not for the Western Digital OEM version.


  1. Is there a Western Digital version of the Acronis Cleanup Utility?
  2. If so, does anyone have a download link?

Hi @Jelfff,

Follow the steps below to resolve uninstall issues with Acronis True Image for Western Digital Software.

Set all configured Backup Jobs to Do Not Schedule to stop and/or pause jobs.
Click OK to Save the Changes.

Reboot the computer.
Stop Acronis True Image for Western Digital and ensure it is not open and running.
Uninstall Acronis again using Windows Add/Remove Programs.
If the product fails to be removed using Windows Add/Remove Programs, an Acronis Cleanup Utility can be used.

Read the warnings below.
Steps to deactivate Startup Recovery Manager, remove Secure Zone and run the Cleanup Utility are included in Acronis Support Knowledge Base Article: 48668: Acronis True Image: Cleanup Utility

Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office, Acronis True Image: Cleanup Utility | Knowledge Base

Utilities for removing Acronis True Image and its components on Windows and Mac