Accessing WD MyCloud share via Start - Run

Good afternoon,

My first post as it’s the first ever issue I’ve had with my WD MyCloud that I couldn’t seem to get past (and I can’t even claim the issue is down to this device, but more so my new Windows 10 laptop).

On previous laptops (which I still have, and have tried) I could happily access the folders on the WD MyCloud by typing the following (for my Images top-level folder) into Start -> Run - \\\Images and it would open up in a Windows Explorer window and I could happily drag and drop files etc…

This still works fine on a laptop running Windows XP and one running Windows 7.

On the new Windows 10 laptop - this does not work. Earlier today it seemed to result in opening a browser and arriving at and showing me a Twonky page. I had no idea what that was all about, so a little research (possibly misguided now) led me to believe it was because Windows 10 had disabled Samba / CIFS and if I toggled that setting I would be able to access my shares by \\IP_address.

After some time today I’ve tweaked a number of Windows 10 settings and when I try to access \\\Images from my Windows 10 laptop I just get a message saying “The specified server cannot perform the request operation.”

I’m guessing that’s not exactly true - Windows 10 is pointing the finger of ‘blame’ at the NAS, but I can prove it certainly can perform that operation, just on other Windows versions - it’s Windows 10 where it doesn’t like it.

My MyCloud has always had a static IP address of and the Images share has “Public Access” turned on in the. Current position I’m in is where I have Get-SmbServerConfiguration | Select EnableSMB2Protocol and Get-SmbServerConfiguration | Select EnableSMB1Protocol both returning true in Powershell. Turn on Network Discovery is checked in the Private (current) profile in Advanced Sharing Settings. Enable NetBIOS Over TCP/IP is checked on the Wireless connection itself. I have even gone into gpedit.msc and enabled the option to Enable insecure guest logons.

I can see the MyCloud in Network - with its name WD2TB - it’s both in Media Devices and in Storage, but I cannot get it to do anything when I right-click and do Open from the Storage icon. I still get the same error when trying to access \\\Images from Start - Run.

I can happily ping - no problem with reaching it from this specific laptop (obviously I can get to it via the browser too).

Can anyone provide any advice and guidance on this, please? Or ask me any clarification questions which I will respond to. Firmware of the MyCloud is said to be WDMyCloud v04.04.05-101 : Core F/W.

Thanks, Hippo

P.S. - these WD instructions seemed to be related to what I wanted - - so I worked through - in step 4 I do see my NAS under Storage, but in step 5 when I enter \\ I get the error message Windows cannot access with error code 0x80004005… I am not prompted for a username and password as step 5 implies I should be.