Accessing data from laptop thats on my media player

I am sure i am using some of the wrong verbage but this is what i am trying to do.

i am wondering if i can access a file thats on my latop from my media player. Can i view that file and am i able to transfer it to my mediaplayer if i want to?

 I am already able to access my media player from my laptop (HP w/ windows 8) i can watch a movie thats on a hard drive connected to my media player from my laptop

Let me know if you need any more information. Thank you for the help.

I do not believe you can transfer files via DLNA Media Servers. However, direct Network Share access will allow you to do so.


so i was able to figure out the network share but it only lets me see 2 folders under users, default andf public. I have right clicked and shared the folders i want. I dont know if the homegroup thing is my problem. Any advice on getting a folder to share.