Access to network is denied

For some reason when I try to access my WD personal cloud storage device from my windows 10 PC it says I don’t have access to contact the administrator. I am the administrator and this was working up till about two months ago. I can still access the drive through the web and other devices on the same modem. Any ideas?

What access method are you using? File Explorer? Something else?
Are you trying to access a Public share, or a Private share?

If you could post a screenshot of the error message, it would help.

Has anything in your network changed in the last two months? New router?

Can you access the Dashboard?


That screen shot indicates that the My Cloud cannot be found at that IP address. Perhaps the IP address for the My Cloud changed? What happens if you try to access \\wdmycloud\ (assumes you didn’t change the default name of the My Cloud).

If the IP address did change then its recommended to access the router and assign a static IP address to the My Cloud within the router’s administration page. Or the less recommended way, assigning a static IP address through the My Cloud Dashboard.