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i have just bought the 2TB my cloud personal storage. i have installed what i think i have to but there is no desktop interface as shown in the videos i have seen on various portals.
each video shows a smooth graphical interface where you can see all folders and transfer easily all i have is a tiny icon on my taskbar labeled WD and it opens in a simple menu systems wher i have to click about 3 things to access a dashboard inside my cloud system yet it allows me to do nothing but set the settings for users… im not sure what i am missing here but there seems to be some interface i dont have that allows me to transfer things easily because when i am asked to upload files i get this tacky simply desktop folder system in windows

You don’t need any WD software running on your PC to access the MyCloud file server.

Map the drives shares into Windows file system network drives, and access the shares like any other locally attached drives.

Download and read the user manual, or search the support site for details.

In Windows file explorer, hit ‘map network drive’. Select the share you want to map. Select ‘connect as other user’, and enter your MyCloud username and password. Tick ‘re-connect at logon’.

That’s it.

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For local access to the My Cloud one does not need to use any WD software. A web browser to access the My Cloud Dashboard is all that is needed to configure the My Cloud. And for file access one uses Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder.

If you really want to use the WD Desktop program you can download it from the following link:

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In the online presentation there is an interface that looks streamlined and where it shows all your folders in the blue interface all I have is windows 10 folder system

And we’re saying you’re better off without it. But, if you really think you want to get your money’s worth out of WD, and think it will be a better solution than mapping drives, search for "WD My Cloud Desktop App’.

If you have mapped a share as a network drive, it is far, far better than using an app to access the NAS. The reason is that ANY program can then access the NAS, just as if it was an internal drive.

Mapping really is the best way to use the NAS local to your network. Windows File Explorer will do all the file management you want, including file history, if you enable it.

The WD desktop app is really only useful for remote access.

Ok so as I’m new I’m not sure what mapping is but right now I have the tiny wd icon I click it then the menu opens then I have to click the cloud menu then whether to open or upload. The reason why I ask about the interface is because when a file uploads I have to go back and open 3 menu options every time surely there is a simpler way

Yes. It’s called Windows File Explorer to access a mapped network drive… See the instruction I posted earlier, or Google ‘windows map network drive’.

Are you accessing local to your network or remotely?

Exactly which WD app is it that you have installed? If you don’t know, use Windows control panel add/remove programs to find out what it is.

ok so i think i found the problem with the interface i didnt have a my cloud account so now when i log in i can see all the files and folders and yes i will use te main network system in win10 i think
thanks for your help