How do I access my data on My Cloud?

I have got as far as the page that has at the top: Home, Users, Shares, Apps, Cloud Access, Bakcups, Settings and then lists the size of Movies, Photos etc.

However I can’t work out how to access my files. I did, once, find a way to see them, but now can’t work it out again.
It seems that the first step is to log into the router: is that correct? Then I get the screen that I have shown. Where do I go next? Note that my files are not in the cloud.


@Brenda1 Look at the following information and you should find everything you need to use your My Cloud.
What type of Computer and Operating System are you using?

I am on a PC, using Windows 10. I had looked at these instructions, but still couldn’t work it out. I eventually found a copy of the WD My Cloud desktop application and loaded that onto my PC. I am able to see a couple of empty folders that I had created but not the one folder that has data in it.

  Thank you for responding.  I will have another look at that manual a bit later.


I have worked it out now but didn’t find that manual helpful! I just kept trying different ways of accessing my files and found that right clicking on the name of my WD Cloud did the trick! For some reason the file and folder don’t show up at all in the desktop app but they are there!

What share did you place the folder/file under? See example images below. Click on, tap or activate images to enlarge them.

This is from my desktop app.

This is from File Explorer, shows same path.

For local network access to a My Cloud the easiest method of access is to map Shares to the PC. This makes for quick access using Windows File Manager.

Thanks so much for your help. Everything is working fine now.