Access Dashboard remotly via internet


I want to access my dashboard, but i am not connected to my home network, because i am in an other country.

is there a way to access my dashboard from here, without being connected to my home network?




No other official way unless you do tunneling. Tunneling is the better approach than vpn without any modifications to WD’s stuffs. But if you’re doing this, you’re aware that your wdmycloud root account is vulnerable to the internet’s brute force attacks. I’m using the methods below to access WD’s Dashboard remotely via PC and Mobile and I have my own way of dealing with security. 

  1. Enable ssh via WD Dashboard and change your root password in the terminal type “passwd”. Make sure your new password is strong.

  2. Port forward any free port e.g. 2222 (try avoid forwarding the obvious port 22) on your router to internal wdmycloud port 22.

  3. Remotely setup with your favourite ssh client like putty to do the tunnelling “localhost:80:wdmycloud:80”.

  4. Remotely ssh via your client to your wdmycloud sshd. If you’re using CLI, “ssh -Llocalhost:80:wdmycloud:80 -p2222 root@your-external-wdmycloud-ip-or-host”.

  5. Remotely access the dashboard from your browser “http://localhost/”.

So why under Settings->General->Cloud settings is has the following? I’m totally confused now.  screenshot

Are you sure you have the basic mycloud? not the mirror, EX_ etc? there are seperate forums for these

what firmware version are you on?

Oh, my bad… I’m on EX2. 

Just searched forum wide, because even with that setting and port forwarder can not figure out how to access the dashboard…

Anyhow, sorry again for posting in the wrong forum. 

P.S. Firmware 1.05.30

the devices are very different so you really need to post in the proper forum to get useful replies