A question about new share

halo, i have create a new share in the my book live, but the format of this “partition” is FAT , with only 137GB space and 7x GB of storage used before i use , what’s happen to it?

Map the share as a Drive letter on your PC.

Open a CMD window on your PC and issue the command

net use

Post the text.

If you see “Web Client Network” next to your drive letter, then the PC connected to the MBL via WebDav.

Let us know what you find, and we’ll go from there.

the private share is “web client network”

and the public is “microsoft windows network”

Yeah, my PC did that a while back, too.   That’s a “WebDAV” connection.

All I can suggest is that you DELETE Mapped drive from Windows, try rebooting your PC, and then recommect.

It should also say “Microsoft Windows Network.”

Would be cool for W.D. to fix this problem. They are aware of it.

i reinstall the driver, restart the computer and router, the problem still excess ._."

Hi Xeonradeon,

I got same problem before with one of  the PC in my home network.  Other pc’s and laptops in the network see the correct partition “NTFS” and amount of disk space.  It showed FAT and wrong disk space on one PC only (Win7.  But other Win7 laptops show correct info).

I went for a hard way  by re-installing Win7 from scratch for  that PC then voila, from that on it sees correct info of MyBookLive.  I did not change anything for the Booklive. 

If you can’t go back to the previous backup of your OS, backup (or use Ghost image) your current machine first and give it a try.  Good luck Xeonradeon.