Mybook live shares permission issue

Hi everyone, 

I have full working wd mybook live 2 tb running it on windows 7. So I do have public folder as it is default and also 2 other folders one of which is public and the other private (shared to specific users).

I have mapped Public folder and I don’t have any issues at all with it. Interesting part is with new shares - both private or public. When I map those folders/shares the feeling is totaly different compared to default Public folder. What I mean - space management is not working at all. I have like 1 gb on that folder but is says that i have 13 gb free out of 99 gb. Opening office files is also very annoying - everytime it asks me for permission and users are not allowed to edit documents at all. There is no problem with media files but office files are unusable. On the other side Public folders has no such problems at all. So how do I create new share that has the very same permissions as the public folder. Yes, I can put everything on that Public folder, but I kind a like users control panel. I would like to use it. Probably in order to get some security. I found a solution with disabling offline files - this way I have the permission to write/read and save/edit on files, but I get prompt for every open/close of office document. And this is not webdav, where I get absolutely same prompt. So anybody that can tell me how I change that - so I can use this HD at least at home network properly - or I should but regular HDD and share it over the network and get better user management or I can root the mybook live. Any ideas?

Try reading the WebDAV FAQ:

Thank you. I don’t how I missed that. I’m configuring so much that I couldn’t see that at all. Strange. Thank you again