A My Cloud photo uploading enhancement.is needed

Being able to auto-upload photos and videos from iOS devices now is really useful for many people – just not for me, and anyone else who does not want to dump all their Camera Roll content into one large folder and continue doing it. I did this just once when I uploaded the complete Camera Roll of my iPhone and iPad via the My Cloud app. When that was done, I proceeded to separate photos and videos from both devices and put them into separate folders on my WD NAS. I plan further to arrange them into “collections” from my initial sorted folders.

The only way to do all this sorting and shuffling going forward is to upload new photos and videos manually and direct individual pics and vids to their respective folders, and I do just that.

So, here is my problem with doing it this way: Every time My Cloud shows me the contents of the Camera Roll to select what I want to upload, the new stuff is at the BOTTOM of the Camera Roll listing and I have to scroll down through a whole lot of previously uploaded stuff to get to the few new ones I want to upload.

Therefore, my request is for an “upload enhancement” that allows users to display the Camera Roll, not by oldest content first, but rather displayed by newest content first. A simple SORT function is I all I ask for to reverse the sort order by date (if user wants to) so newest content is shown first to make uploading new content easier.

Can we have this simple sort capability in the next version of My Cloud?
It will take about 5-10 minutes of programming time – tops! :smiley:


Status: Acknowledged

Idea approved for voting.

Thanks, and please remind me and the others how to vote for a suggestion.

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As a reminder:

A vote is added by clicking the heart-shaped “Like” icon under the Idea.

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I agree. Thats a big problem and costs time.
Let the user decide which way he prefer.


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I want 1000 votes per click. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for voting guys; maybe this will happen!

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Status: In review

This Idea has gained sufficient traction and a formal request has been submitted.

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Cool. Thanks for letting me know.



and hope to be able to choose which folder to upload to because I would like to be able to upload to or put this folder in the Family shared folder.

Since my cloud home can not create another family shared folder (there is only one family shared folder by default and can not create another), then I would like to be able to put the “iphone camera roll backup” folder into this folder. But when I put this folder in the family shared folder, I see that the iphone camera roll backup folder is completely recreated and all my iphone pictures are uploaded AGAIN to the root level and a new folder named “iphone camera roll backup” is created.

A MC Home is more limited than a MC NAS so, once my camera roll is backed up I took the data in it and created new folders to store the contents in (like photos folder and a videos folder, etc) I moved all data out of the Upload folder into all my new folders using Windows action commands. I can keep it managed better this way, and perhaps you can do same with a Home, too.