My Cloud - Apple - APP - Continues backing up pictures already uploaded - HELP!

Hey My Cloud Gurus,

I recently created a whole number of folders within Shared Pictures to organize our photo chaos. I did this directly from my Macbook Pro and not the app or online. After spending way too much time doing this, I logged into the app and there were all the pictures I already organized backed up again in my “unorganized” folder. Yes, I have setting set in the app to automatically back them up but there’s no point in organizing the photos if the app continues to back up what’s already been backed up.

I’m guessing since the photos are now in folders it doesn’t know to not duplicate what’s hidden in the folders.

If I’m missing something please help me fix this.



I have set up folders, too, like you, and when we do this we cannot use auto backup anymore and keep older photos on iPhone. So, we have to manually select the NEW PHOTOS from Camera Roll to upload from within the MC app. I have a folder set up on the My Cloud named New Uploads I dump the new ones into it. I move them to their final destination folder, and then the New Uploads is empty. Yes, it is a pain and have complained to WD about it long ago. You see how far that got me!

Thanks Mike! I’ll do the same and wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something there. I’ll be submitting the issue to WD as well.

Glad I made the transition slowly or this would have been a big mess!

Thanks again.

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