8TB WD Easystore folders empty after wake from MacOS Sleep


Just as the title says. When my Mac (2017 MBP Mojave 10.14.5) goes to sleep, after waking up the drive is still mounted and shows used space, but all of the folders appear empty and I cant view internal files inside of folders.

Contacted support and was told this “may be normal behavior” “based on varying operating systems” :roll_eyes:

Tried 3 different USB cables. 3 Different computers.

Drive is about a year old and has been flawless up until about 2 weeks ago. No operating or hardware system changes.

Sleep timer is off, and “put hard drives to sleep” is unchecked in MacOS Settings.

Drive passes Status check, Quick Drive Test, and Complete Drive Test.

Soooo anyone have any other ideas?



Same problem here with a My Book 8TB. I have a My Passport 4TB working fine but when I connect the MyBook both shoes empty on finder. Time machine partition fails to perform backup and I must disconnect the cable or reboot to make the content appear again. If I disconnect the My Book the My Passport continues to work just fine

After reading so many posts with the exact same issue I’m going tu return the My Book.


Finally a solution. Uninstall WD utilitites: