My book partitions, after Mac wakes up, look empty

I am on a imac System 10.13.6, 4TB My book. Two partitions 2tb X 2tb, (1) One is Mac OS Extended (journaled) (2) One is ExFat

The Mac OS partition is for Back up. It backs up my internal and and external G drive.
I use the Time machine with the TimeMachinescheduler.

  • It works fine and Backs up every 12 Hours (wish I could make it 24hr, but I have bigger issues right now.

When I computer goes to sleep for a while (i.e night time), when wake it up

  • both partitions look mounted but look empty.
  • If I use my mac disk utility - everything looks fine from there, I see them.

If I try to copy a doc (drag and drop) to either partition I get
“The Finder can’t complete the operation because some data in “myfile.docx” can’t be read or written. (Error code -36)”

If I shut down and restart all is fine. I have had the drive for 1 week.
Any ideas - Am I in the right forum.
Any advice would be welcomed - thank you for reading

I am having the same problem. I have two 4tb myBooks without any partitioning.

Would love some help as restarting almost everytime the computer goes to sleep is impractical.

The issue for me, it seems, was with Time Machine or the TimeMachineScheduler. I disengaged the Time Machine and uninstalled the scheduler and now the partitions always mount with the content inside.

This is for my personal home computer back up for my Imac’s Internal HD and and external G drive At the same time.

Now all I have to do is go to my Time Machine menu above on the right and click “back up Now”. It takes just a few minutes. In fact it is better, then backing up very 12 hrs for 20 to 40k.

I hope this helps. It’s not the Drive which is/was a great relief.

Hi, one more note
Try the advice found here from Boiler JR on Dec 16
Backup fails on Time Machine Click on the chevron

It seems to have helped some. I tried and it did not work for my issue, and then just disconnected.
Maybe will try experimenting once more later, but I am happy right now with my manual Backup

Best - Albert