4 TB My Cloud no longer accessible from server 2016

I have been using this 4 TB My cloud drive for about 4 years,

but i have to say that this thing is so un reliable.
The software is just plain clunky as can be.

The latest issue that is really making this thing useless to me is…

I have this mapped to a drive letter for a back up on my server 2016 machine.
well all of a sudden the mappings are just gone.

I had two different drive mappings to this drive.
This drive can no longer be found in the Network section of the server and the drive letters are of course x ed out.

If i go down at the bottom of the window the STORAGE section still shows it as WdMycloud and clicking on it brings up the ip address GUI and that works, Under the Media Devices it shows up and clicking on that brings up the worthless Twonky app.

So why is it that it will no longer be found when searching for network devices on my server?
I haven’t changed anything, In Fact it stopped working right in the middle of an unattended back up.

If anyone can help that would be great, I have come so close to breaking this thing out of the box so many times, I really don’t want to do that. I actually wish i could just connect it using a USB cable but i cant do that so…

current bios is at WDMyCloud v04.05.00-315 : Core F/W

Software is clunky? What “software” are you using? One doesn’t need to use any “software” other than Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder to access the My Cloud on the local network.

Can you access the My Cloud through its IP address?

You haven’t indicated (unless I missed it) if you have either rserved an IP address for the My Cloud in the network’s DHCP server or configured the My Cloud (through the Dashboard) to have a static IP.

If you start having access issues look at the settings on the local computer having the trouble. Ensure the firewall and security/AV software isn’t blocking access (i.e., disable them and test access). Ensure NetBIOS over TCP/IP is enabled. Ensure the My Cloud and the computer are using the same workgroup name. Check to ensure there are no IP address conflicts on the local network or that the IP address release time is set for a short period. Ensure the network setting is configured for Private or Home rather than Public if suing Windows 7 or later.

If the front panel led is still blue, the fault is more likely to be in your router or pc configuration.

Not run any windows updates? Router firmware updates?

Have you fixed the IP address of the MyCloud? Use your router UI to set an infinite DHCP lease time.

I have it set as a static IP

As I stated its not showing up in MS server 2016, Or any of the windows 10 machines on my network.
It did as of the other day when it stopped working for no reason in the middle of a back up.

The drives were mapped to it through windows server using the static ip address,

The light on the front is indeed blue,
I do not have any Av on these systems other then windows defender.

13 machines didn’t just change all at the same time all in the same way, so I’m pretty sure its not an issue with the OS.

and again the built in Twonky software that comes installed as a GUI on the drive works, The clunky WD software works.
so the drive is there and working,

it just lost the ability to be see through the windows networking interface, which means its useless as a network NAS backup device at the moment.

and even when it does work its pretty flaky, it has been for the entire time i have had it. And i have gone through a number of switch and router changes.

The firewall has been disconnected. and it still cannot be seen or mapped to.

Can you “ping” the My Cloud IP address? What about using SSH, if enabled through the My Cloud Dashboard; can you access the My cloud using SSH?

If the name (ex “wdmycloud”) cannot be resolved on the local network that typically points to a network (specifically a router/DNS) problem not a My Cloud problem. Have you added, removed or changed anything on the local network?

Thanks for the reply.

So i just rebooted the device through the WD software again

(for the 5th time today)

and now it shows up through the network search on the windows machines.

this just proves that these are not very reliable, when 2 of the 3 ways available to access the drive do not work until you reboot the device through its software (not just un plugging it, that didn’t work)

But again, no nothing changed, it stopped working in the middle of a backup…

Okay. If you can talk to the Twonky UI, then it’s not a router problem or a network port problem on the MyCloud.

Sounds like the SMB server may be hanging.

Next time it happens, SSH in and check the status of the Samba server. It will need one of these commands:

service smbd status
service samba status

If that looks iffy, then restart the server (again one command is needed)

service smbd restart
service samba restart

I can’t remember whether the service is called smbd or samba

As for why it might be crashing… dunno. You do have quite a few devices connected for a consumer device.

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