3TB My Cloud - Access remotely on Macbook

This might be really obvious but…

I have bought a new used 3TB My Cloud and have it set up and it’s copying files across just now from the external hard drive. My plan was to have MyCloud drive hold my work files to save me carrying around a hard drive along with my Macbook.

I can access the files fine on the iMac as it’s at home on same network but to ensure I could see the drive on the Macbook I have turned wifi off and hooked into my iPhone 4G. Now, is there a way to remotely access MyCloud Drive without using the web app? eg can I have it show as a drive on the MacBook or do I need to go through the web app?

Brain is slowly dribbling out my nose here, thanks in advance.

Appears this ‘feature’ has been removed? So effectively I have to go via mycloud.com to access the files remotely?

Same network is fine as it shows up in Finder on both iMac and Macbook, just a pity it can’t when I’m away with the Macbook. Pretty much the reason I bought the drive lol

What generation do you have, a 1st or 2nd? What firmware shows on the Dashboard, 04.xx.xx or 02.xx.xx?

For the single bay/single drive My Cloud (not My Cloud Home since that is a completely different device) there are only a few official methods of remote access.

  • MyCloud.com
  • WD My Cloud app for iOS or Android
  • Insecure FTP

if you have a multi bay My Cloud model or a My Cloud Home there are seperate subforums for those devices elsewhere in this community site:


Unofficially one can setup other methods of remote access like setting up a VPN server on their local network.

Hi Cat version

Have you looked at the User Manual?
My Cloud Personal Storage User Manual (wdc.com)