3TB Mirrored Drive Rebuild

How long should it take to rebuild a 3TB WD Red Drive in Raid 1 on a MyCloudEX2.

I had a failed drive 1. I acquired a new 3TB WD Red drive (same as the original( and allowed it to do an automatic rebuild (as suggested by WD Tech Support).
After several hours the Dashboard still reads:
Volume_1 RAID 1 2.94 TB Rebuilding(Drive1), 0%, 48039 mins

The time doesn’t seem to decrease and the % does not go up.

Any suggestions as to what to do if anything.
Your feedback would be appreciated.

Hi DennisF1,

RAID Rebuild may be slow due to the other My Cloud processes and services consuming more memory & CPU resources. You can refer below article to reduce CPU and Memory consumption on the My Cloud during the RAID rebuild process.