Mirror rebuilding?!?!?

First I had a dead drive after less than 2 weeks. New drive arrived and now the volume has been rebuilding for more than 24 hours and is only at 3% and say 27,946 mins… that’s 19 days. WHAT ON EARTH is going on with this thing?!?

It could be related to the new hard drive in question. I’d recommend contacting WD Support about this. You can do so in the following link:

It has now been 2 full days of rebuilding and the progress is at 7%.
I need to know how long it SHOULD take. I have a RMA case open and a brand new Mycloud Mirror is being shipped. But if his absurdity is normal then I just want my money back.

Normally, it shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours if you’re doing a “new” RAID, which would be going from RAID 1 to RAID 0, for example. In doing a new RAID, it will set the volume formatting, and if you choose to do a full format, then that could really take time.

If you’re not rebuilding the RAID, and data is not an issue, you can reboot the drive, go into the dashboard and just create a new volume. That should take care of it.

I’m simply rebuilding the raid 1 mirrored volume from the existing good
disk, which only has 500GB data on it. Should have rebuilt in minutes. Now
I’m going on almost 3 days and it’s at 7%.

I would love to blow it away and start from scratch but the interface won’t
let you do anything while a volume is rebuilding.

Besides, this thing is obviously broken in some way… Unless anyone at wd
could seriously try to tell me this is normal???

It’s absolutely not normal. To blow it away, you can just unplug the power and then plug it back in. That will effectively reboot it. You won’t have a volume, but you can go into the dashboard and recreate the volume. Since you don’t really care about the drive, it might be a good test to try.

Negative. Did that. It just picks up where it left off and continues

Yeah, I think I agree. Well, you got the RMA coming in. So, that’s good. Sorry, I couldn’t help.

No sweat. Thanks.