3TB Drive seems not detected by BIOS

Hello, I just received a few days ago my first 3TB drive. It’s a Caviar Green WD30EZRX. My motherboard is a Asrock 970 Extreme4 updated to last firmware (2.00 2012/08/30) and I’m using Windows 7 64bit.

The thing is that I never had a 3TB drive and I don’t have any other computer to try it. But it just doesn’t seems to work. The BIOS (well, it’s a EFI) detects all my other disks and even I can plug and unplug they and they are detected at the moment but the 3TB isn’t there. Of course if BIOS don’t detect it Windows can’t do nothing with it.  Is there any thing that I can try before just thinking that the disk is dead?

EDIT: Also the disk is connected using SATA1 cables, don’t know if the disk NEEDs to have SATA3 cables to work

Your model can only transfer data at SATA 2 and SATA 3 speeds, to lower the speed to SATA 2 you need to set a jumper on pins 5 and 6, so yes is not working because of the cable.


I put a jumper on pins 5 and 6, used the cable that I use for the SSD, the only diference I see is that it has a metal piece that I have to push to release the connector( sorry I’m not english and I don’t know the word for that). Even using the cable of the SSD that it’s supossed to be SATA 3 the computer doesn’t detects the drive.

Hi well your motherboard supports sata 3 so you dont want to jumper the drive to sata 2 mode. The WD30EZRX is a sata 3 drive so it should work ok and some of us beleive sata 3 cables are a joke any good sata cable will work.