WD30EZRX not recognized by BIOS in home PC, but recognized in another one


I recently bought this 3TB drive second hand and when I tried to install it, but it just made the bootup sequence choke (detecting drives…), but then never appeared. As I have 4 other HDDs in my PC I tried disconnecting them all and left the WD drive as the only drive in there. Tried all SATA cables. It just wouldnt budge.

Then I thought I’d give it a try at work. Opened the case of my Fujitsu PC, hooked on the drive, and presto, it was visible in the BIOS.

My motherboard is an old Gigabyte EP-45-DS3R with Intel’s P45 chipset, latest available BIOS revision installed.

The Fujitsu is made up of whatever, but its also a C2D system, just about the same age as mine.

The drive doesnt give out any strange noises. **bleep** its so silent, I cant even decide if its spinning up.

Any suggestions what I should be trying?

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Try limiting the SATA link rate by installing the drive’s OPT1 jumper.

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