1TB Passport not recognised on Macbook Pro


I apologise if this has been covered here before but after searching online I can’t find anything to satisfy my problem.

So my 1TB My Passport is not showing in Finder or Disk Utility however I can see through System Information and in WD Drive Utilities which I have just downloaded. When I try to erase the drive using WD Drive Utilities it always ends with the same error message

“Failed to erase the drive. An error occurred while trying to erase the drive. Please ensure that the drive is connected to the system and try again.”

I have WD 2TB Passport Ultra which works just fine so I’ve swapped USB cables which has made no difference. The drive in question also is not recognised on my GF’s Windows laptop.

Anybody know how to fix this?



Based on the issues you are experiencing it is possible that your WD My Passport will need to be replaced. Take a look at this link for more information.