My Passport not recognized

My 1 terabyte external hard drive is not showing up anywhere on the computer when I plug it in.  I have so much important information on there that can not be replaced.  It worked one day and then did not the next.  At the same time my chrome book also stopped working (the OS system couldn’t be found).  I had to replace the chrome book, but didn’t realize the external hard drive wasn’t working until the next day.  What can I do?  I’ve tried looking everywhere that has been suggested in the forums, but it still isn’t showing up. 


Seems like the partition is corrupted. It may be possible to still extract the data utilizing data recovery software. There are several kinds of Data Recovery software available. If you do a  web search for  Data Recovery  it will yield plenty of data recovery software options.

I have the same problem. I think WD and Apple 10.9.4 are not compatible. I tried a new cable. I can see it under my system profile, but it won’t mount on my Mac. I purchased recovery software, but I’m not sure how to use it–I don’t think it’s seeing the Passport, either. I called a recovery companya nd they want between $500 and $800. to recover the data. I tried it on my daughter’s Mac, but she has the same version of software–it did not show on hers, either. I sure learned a lesson. I used to back up on TWO drives when running our business. I thought I’d be safe with a new WD drive. Any assistance would be very much appreciated. 

My Mac Book Pro running OSX 10.9.4 will not see my hard drive. HELP!!!

I have been having the exact same problem for weeks now and have not been able to solve it yet. When hooked to a windows computer the drive shows up without any trouble. It appears to have something to do with mac osx mavericks. Please help, there has to be some fix for this!