10TB My Book - Is This A Single 10 TB HDD & Can It Be removed From The Enclosure

I understand that the drives can be removed from the 8TB My Book Duo.

Can the drive from the My Book be removed as ideally I’d like to install it in a desktop PC.

Thanks for any replies.

I’m pretty sure you can remove the hard drive.

Thanks for your reply, I was hoping that it could be removed.
I’m assuming that as the 8TB is shown as My Book Duo with two 4TB drives & the one I’m thinking of buying is just shown as My Book, it means that it just has one 10TB drive.

Just remember, once you remove it from the enclosure … you void your warranty.

And/or if you decide to use it inside the enclosure for a while and then remove it at a later date … you won’t be able to access any data on the hard drive as the My Books have Hardware Encryption.

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@JoeySmyth: Thanks for your reply. To be honest I don’t want an external HDD as I use my desktop PC as a server, but this one is being sold for £100 less than a bare internal 10TB HDD.
From your advice I’ll do a full test on it before I take it out of the enclosure.
Also, for me, the WD encryption of files is a good reason to take it out of the enclosure.