1 TB My Book Essential USB 3 is failing

It has been showing the symptoms since a nice while, like not being detected at once, or slower access, not being able to copy some files(the copy process is stuck) and stuff. I thought it was my PC having some problems with USB 3 and blablabla, but now I am sure it is my HDD.

So how can I tell what exactly is happening? I cannot complete the WD Diagnostics due to some error at the start of the test.

Will it be a physical damage or just some sector/logic-based that can be fixed after formatting the drive?

Please ask for more information if needed. I am going to run some tool like DDrescue to copy all the data that I can, once after I get some assistance here,



My recommendation, is to get all the information out of the drive. It could be a sector issue.

When you try to run the test, what is the error that you are getting?

If you are able to get the information out of the drive run the WD DLG Tool to write zeros on the drive as this will attent to eliminate any bad sectors.