1 drive failed, RAID5 profile disappears, data inaccessible. PR4100. Nothing on mycloud

Have the PR4100 w/4 drives. Each drive is 6 TB. Total is 24GB. One drive failed. Had RAID5 setup. 3 drives are still good.

In theory, I should be able to put a new drive in and manually/automatically rebuild the RAID. Big issue: On mycloud dashboard, the RAID profile is GONE. Disappeared! Data is INACCESSIBLE. When I login, it asks me to CREATE a RAID. I won’t do it because I’m afraid of deleting TB’s of data. The RAID configuration is MIA.

Has anyone else experienced this before? I created an RMA and mailed back the failed drive. I am awaiting the new drive. But how can I restore the RAID if the system shows that there is NO raid profiles?!

Hi @vellman,

A multi-bay Western Digital My Cloud Network Attached Storage Device is preconfigured in either RAID 1 or RAID 5 mode to provide redundancies against data loss. If one of drives in a RAID array fails, and the RAID volume is not configured for Auto-Rebuild, then a Manual RAID rebuild must be performed in order to introduce a replacement drive and bring the RAID volume back to a “healthy” state.

Please refer to the link below for more information:

Link: Replacing an Internal Drive on a Multi-bay My Cloud

Link: How to perform a Manual RAID Rebuild on a Western Digital My Cloud Network Attached Storage Device