0 MB and ``No volume`` display when i log onto my cloud web page

in fact, it appear after i was formatting the cloud. can this be fixed. here is an image below!!

48384738_2202196630020360_4447616008567390208_n|670x500 !


Did you try to check after rebooting and power cycle of My Cloud device?

yes I did that but it is still not working. I think the formatting processing was not completed properly.

i have same problem

What do you think we should do in this case?

The zero MB display is the least of your issues. Notice the Caution warning under Diagnostics? Check that to see what is wrong with your My Cloud. Chances are good the zero MB might be related to what ever the Diagnostic issue is. Also check the alert/notification icon mycloudnotificationicon too as there may be additional information listed there that may be causing the zero MB issue.

Can you see the picture I uploaded? That’s the the first page I get when i open the dashboard. I will send more pictures of the cautions in the next reply

This is what open when I click on diagnostics

No, neither of the two links in your initial post are viewable for me.

Since you posted a picture show “RAID Profile” it begs the question of what specific My Cloud model do you have? The single bay My Cloud models (the general subject of this subforum) do not have such a page and do not have RAID across multiple drives due to having just one single hard drive.

Try running a Full Test on the drive. A fault indication typically means somethings wrong with the drive.