My Cloud Dashboard shows 0KB Free

Hi All,

Untill yesterday, the Mycloud 4 TB i have was working properly. Today morning i could not access the drive from my mac. I Checked through the webpage and it had all the shares, but showed 0KB free. Can any one help what would be the issue?

Vedang Bhagwat

What troubleshooting steps have you taken so far? Have you tried a reboot of the device?

Dear Support Executive,

I have tried the reboot and restore. But nothing is working. Still its 0kb
free. Plus unable to access all the data in the drive.

Pls. Support.

Thanks & Regards,

Please note that most users here are not employed by WD. We are end users/customers like yourself.

What Mac OS are you using? El Capitan? If so quite a few are having a variety of issues with El Capitan and the My Cloud. Do a forum search for El Capitan and you’ll find numerous threads discussing a variety of issues.

Do you have another computer (preferably a non Macintosh computer) or mobile device that you can use to test My Cloud access and web browser Dashboard page loading?

Please try contacting WD Support. This is a user forum.

Normally intermediate users will turn on the SSH via the Dashboard settings then login to find out what’s wrong. Alternatively, if rebooting doesn’t help, try the 40secs rear red reset button (refer manual for details). This should rebuild whatever got messed up in the setups, take note though you’ll lose your predefined settings such as user accounts but all data will still be intact.