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Hi everyone,

I’m new to the forums, I’ve had my wdtv live for a while now and I love it. The problem I ran into was I can’t find a good app for generating XML and getting images for my shows and movies that I have one my hard drive that’s connected to my wdtv live. My main issue was with getting good images for the files. The applications that I found did pretty good most of the time but I ran into problems a lot especially with the way I name my files. I started working on my own application and I’m trying to increase my user base to find potential bugs and get information on improvements. As of right now it gets images based on the user input. I have built an entire API to get the image and XML for the show or movie and I am currently working on an application that will recursively search through a directory and get information for every show or movie and generate the XML while getting the image for that show. I’m also working on setting it up so the user can input how the files are named in order to prevent getting the incorrect information. For example how I name my files are TV/show_name/season_number/episode_number/episode_name and I would run into the problem where the series name, season number, and episode number aren’t in the name so it would find information for other shows.

Here’s the current link 


If you come across any bugs or have any features you would like to see added let me know.


Take a look at this thread. Hope it helps.


Hello HDKnows,

I’m not in need of help with how to generate the xml files, I just wanted to let everyone know about my application that gets the meta data and that it works well for both TV and Movies. 

I don’t see any metadata at all.  All I’m seeing is artwork – and weird artwork, at that.

I was actually just going through my cached data and I noticed that was stored for Star Trek: The Original Series Season 2

I’m still working out some of the kinks, I get my images from http://www.freecovers.net/ and while the data usually comes back pretty good sometimes it has incorrect tags on it, I’m in the process of trying to filter that out. In this case it grabbed a CD image instead of a cover image for some reason. As of right now this only grabs the cover image and crops it down to create the poster image for whatever show was searched. I have a program that gets the meta data and creates the corresponding XML file but that isn’t live yet, I’m hoping to have that live by the end of the day. I am also working on an API so I can interface with it in an app that I am writing. The API is available for use with image covers and it will download the cropped poster image for whatever you put in as the search string

This is the link to the API:


Show Name: The URL encoded version of the show name you want to search for

Type: 19 for TV and 20 for Movies

The current version of the API doesn’t have as good of a search as the live application, the name has to be exact with the API. I am adding in more API calls that will allow for the use of the autocomplete that is used on the live app in order to reduce the number of incorrect names that are sent. For example you will be able use that API call with your search string and it will return the top 5 best matches for what you are searching for.

The downloaded executable is an estimated 5 - 7 days from being released as an alpha so everyone can test it. It is going to be an app that will let you specify the naming scheme for your shows and it will recursively go though a directory and get all of the show posters and XML files for each show and name them corresponding to how you have your files named. 

The main reason I started creating this was because I found that most of the meta apps out there haven’t been worked on in over a year and I also found that for TV shows you needed the series name, season name, and episode name in the file name. I like to store my shows in the directory TV/Show_Name/Season_Number/Episode_Number/Episode_Name.avi and the applications that are out would get all the wrong meta data and images for my shows because it would just search based on the file name.

So with my app you will be able to specify your naming scheme so it will work for people who have naming schemes like mine but it will also work for people who use the naming schemes that have all of the information in the filename.

Sorry for the long post lol just wanted to let you know why you were getting that DVD artwork instead of cover artwork and the progress of the application. 

TonyPh12345 if you would like me to get you the correct cover for Star Trek: The Original Series Season 2 let me know and I can get it for you.

The source code is available here 


I am looking at possibly incorperating this into a theme.

Does anyone know how the wd gets it’s meta data and if it is modable?