Metadata Help


I used to own a standard WDTV Live media hub where you could create and modify the layout of sheets in thumbgen and after spending ages organizing and creating sheets the media player crashed and I was forced to buy the newer model, the WDTV Live Streaming Player as that was the only one available and I hadn’t realised that you couldn’t use the same layout structure with the newer model so I am having to re-create everything because the new system now uses XML files. 

While I am aware that the new media player can automatically “get info” for the items, but I would like to choose my own icons and backgrounds and edit the XML because the downloaded ones doesn’t name the episodes 01, 02 etc and that causes the episodes to be out of order.

I am in thumbgen and I get 0.1% through my massive collection and I am trying to figure out if there was a simpiler way to do this (like a batch XML) or if there is any settings I can change to make the time shorter because at this rate it’s going to take weeks to get through my collection :frowning:

All I really want is a XML file and on it I want the episodes to be 01 (rather than just 1 etc), also as for the background image I don’t want several images like the XML file normally makes because it just takes longer to load on the player. I just want one background image that I can CHOOSE.

If anyone could please help me that would be fantastic. 


Hello there,

I have not tried this, lets see if another user can share some information and tips on this matter.