.xml and .metathumb files are suddenly being generated by WDTV

Is anyone knowledgeable about these, please? For a year and a half I have never had them, but I did see them referred to on here, that it’s fine to delete them if you don’t want them - and as in my case I didn’t, I deleted them - to no apparent ill effect. I don’t care to have most files (you see, not consistent on every file) listed up to 3 times over, on my pc’s external drive where I store my media. I find it makes viewing my files on my hard drive more difficult, so I prefer not to have them. So deleting them was fine - for a few days - until WDTV suddenly decided it would regenerate them!

I have seen other simultaneous, unprompted changes on my WDTV, changes that again, aren’t necessarily problems as such. The sudden arrival of a header bar that sometimes shows on my WDTV home screen (never had it prior) saying “compiling media library.” Compiling lasts only a minute and it vanishes nicely enough, but it doesn’t always appear (again, inconsistent).

It’s not the FW update, I did that when it came out, and it’s not changes to my media library, because I’ve always altered my media library virtually every single day, so no change there on my part. Just before all this happened, I did alter the option of how often I want WDTV to check the media library from, something like, once a week, to, once an hour, but surely just that shouldn’t bring this about? I guess I will change that back, and delete the .xml’s and .metathumbs again, and then see. Or shoud I just live with them?

Yes, that’s exactly what it is. You are running media library ON, even though you appear to not want it, and you have content metadata collection set to ON instead of OFF which is what is generating the metathumbs and XML files.

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