XML Naming

Hi folks, 

A wee question regarding xml and filenames. Im using the Mojo theme and thumbgen sheets using the mojo templates (all very nice by the way) on my gen 3 wdtv live smp. 

I have a few movies with “&” in the title such as “angels & demons”, “cheech & chong” etc etc. When I view these movies via the network share the filenames are displayed fine, however, if I use the “media collection” as a source I’m getting “angels & demons” as the file name. I understand that xml uses & as a special character but I dont understand why the escape (amp;) is not working. This is what thumbgen is spitting out in the xml file, I tried changing it and removing the amp; statement but its still the same.

Anyone got any ideas? I know I could just replace & with and, but it just doesn’t look right for some movies.

Cheers all

This is an issue with Thumbgen.  You’ll have to manually edit those xmls to delete the “amp” in the title.

Hi Tinwarble,

I’ve tried that but it still appears in the title…?