WS Sentinal DX400: Logon Failed after removing my Admin Password


I have a WD Sentinal DX4000 drive.

I only have 1 administrator user and i removed the password for that user.

When I tried to connect again after restarting my drive thru Remote Desktop connection, the windows Server storage 2008 R2 is rejecting my access and the below error is shown.

" logon failure user account restriction possible reasons are blank passwords… "

How can I access my drive again?

Please help.


Why you do that ? :smile:
Maybe you can install remote launcher and do a regedit ?

I know :frowning:

Isn’t their any way to reset the whole server to factory setting?

yes if you have the recovery ISO
WD no longer seems to have it available

did the remote launcher work?

same issue here… :frowning: