Unable to see DX4000 W2008 desktop with remote access

Hi All,

When trying to exchange one of the 4 HD of a DX4000 with a different model, I had an unexpected annoying side effect.

The disk replacement worked fine, i.e. the RAID was 100% rebuilt. However since the rebuild started (I just switched off the unit, swapped disk and restarted the unit) I cannot access anymore the unit with remote access: I just see the DX4000 W008r2 screen background with no icons, no start button, no way to perform any operation.

The DX unit seems working correctly, I can connect workstation, access the dashboard from connected workstation, dashboard works but I completely lost access to the Windows side of the unit. I just see the W2008 desktop with no icons and no way to perform any operation.

Any hint?



From the dashboard settings you could restart and see if it kicks back in
in the remote session you can try ctrl-alt-end and do task mgr file > run > explorer and see if it loads

Try this neat add on also

This is strange.

RUN Explorer.exe did not run, but I typed RUN c:\ (after ctrl alt end) and the explorer windows appeared so I could run any application just by double clicking it in the right directory. I can run services.msc devmgmt.msc but the desktop is empty and does not respond to right click for instance. Maybe administrator user got corrupt somehow? Is it possible with this limited access to setup another user which I can use for login just to check whether the issue is limited to the administrator user?


years ago the first thing I did was make a user outside the wizard and make him an admin and it broke everything.
if you can get an admin cmd prompt I think I would try
chkdsk /f /r
and or
sfc /scannow

or just do a system recovery and start over

Of course all the tentatives did not solve the problem :sob:. I only fear, performing a recover, that having “un-official” disks which were recognized only with the WD enabler, to loose everything.

Googling I see the blank screen issue on W2003 server and W2008 is not rare, but I really wonder why this is happened also to me… :joy:

Just a quick note to report the end of the story. I had of course to perform a recovery but as I had installed a “not approved” disk I modified the whitelist.xml file both on the thumb as well as on the ISO recovery directory including my new HD which is not even supported by


This seemed to work even if the recovery as usual takes quite some time. Data however was not lost.

Well Thanks for the update, but then that blows my date option out of the water. Can’t figure out why recovery is failing for some folks these days. I thought perhaps a dll had expired but if you just did one that is not it.

Hi Gramps,

Indeed the behavior experienced by some of the other users is not really reflected by my experience. As our investement on DX4000 units was quite recent also in terms of manpower I took the decision to buy on ebay a couple of very cheap 2nd hand units to be used as backup NAS as we had also available many compatible hard drives. So also recently I went through quite a number of install procedures and in general the recovery procedure was always fine (at least with EMEA version The only issues I sometime found were related to “bad disks” error when the disks were not properly cleaned (e.g. diskpart) or were not 100% compatible with the original WD specifications. This sometimes required to move the disks to a workstation for diskpart clean and GPT creation, then I could have started the recreate and recovery on the DX4000.