Wrong ip - how can i resolve it?

When trying to set a static IP I introduced a wrong IP address. In fact I used the  router WAN IP address. Now I can not access it and not know waht to do.

Ay suggestion? I have a safety coy, can I reinitiate the whole disc to factory settings?

thanks, I am desperate. Ths hard disk is too complex for me, I would nbot recommend it .



Try to do a system reset by:

  • unplugging the power cord,

  • pressing on the reset button at the back of the device, keeping it pressed,

  • plugging the power cord back, keeping the button pressed,

  • wait for 40s, keeping the button pressed, then release

Hi and welcome to the WD community.

You can reset the unit by pressing the reset button located on top of the Ethernet port for 3 to 5 seconds.

Here is a link that will help you on this process:


hope this can help you out.

I have had the same problem once.

All reset combinations didn’t help me, even not the 40 seconds reset.

The only thing that helped was the following thread:


Thanks, it worked. 

Now trying to fix the problem of the cloud access disabled. I am not an expert and I am stuck there since some days. I am really dissapointed on how complicated it is specially for me which do not required anything special.