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Does it cost anything to host a WordPress website that is available through URL despite domain name price? How many website can I host with that third-party program? Will there be advertisement on my website for free version?

Hopefully an experienced User will be able to assist.

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You just need to install it and play with it.
I think the problem for you is going to be port 80. I don’t remember if wordpress used a different port or if it was /wordpress. You could possible redirect the domain name or forward port 80 from your router to whatever port wordpress is on.
I really think if you actually want to host multiple websites you need to change hardware. Apache or Windows server will allow you to use port 80 and recognize Host Headers for different websites. Microsoft has 90 day evals of server software.

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So basically if I use WordPress, I have a domain name and dynamic IP address with DDNS, I will be able to host a website by using WD DL2100 without having their advertisement? Is that correct?

wordpress is a blog. If you do not have a DL2100 do not buy one for web sites.

Oh, so it can’t make a website, but only a blog? Do you know any other third-party program in WD DL2100 that can do?

Again, if you have not purchased a DL yet don’t for host websites. A blog actually is a website, You can also put JOOMLA on a DL and it has websites. But they are “canned” websites. I mean a GUI comes up and you can type, insert pictures very much like replying to a message in here. And this board is actually a website. But I can’t figure out your goal. If you want to host web sites you should know how to make a website and would not be asking this question. If you want to really host websites you need a windows server or a Linux box. Linux is free, windows server is free to try or you can get a Thecus w2000 for $350

If you try to hosts sites on a DL you are going to have to work around the port 80 thing in addition to figuring out the rest.

Perhaps the easiest thing for you to do is to simply load web server software on your PC and get familiar with it http://bfy.tw/47BD

Hosting a website is not my main purpose, but if it does, that will be great. If it can, I just want to host a website that does not need anything much, just a page and then if they click on one of the text, then it go to next page or sth like that(other example might be a restaurant page that when you click on menu it will show menu page, and if ppl click on location, it will show the page with a picture of map). I don’t have website creating background, so I wonder if it has a program that can host a simple website that I can just drag and drop to create it.

I will just say no, it will not do what you want with your capabilities. I think a simple web server on any other PC would be better suited for you.

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I’m a little late to the party, but I don’t see any benefit of hosting a site yourself. For as inexpensive as hosting is, purchasing hardware that you have to physically support, I would say that’s not exactly ideal. If you sign up as a reseller with ICDSoft (which I am), you can get hosting for really cheap based on how many sites you have. Currently I get it for about $40/year. You’d have to have your site for a really long time to justify the expense (and support) of a server configuration. Just my thoughts hope you got it figured out!

Howdy folks – hope you’re all well,

If I may - a problem along the same lines…

• I have a DL4100 …all setup and accessible via my LAN.
• The WordPress App is installed.
• I now would like to move an existing WP site (+ database), to the DL4100.

Note: During the WP App installation, I clicked the ‘configure’ option,
which (it seems) guided me to the creation of a default WP site / blog.
So I can edit the ‘sample site’ via … local-ip-address/wordpress/wp-admin/

Now the problem…
How & where do I move the actual site over to the DL4100?
Because the idea is, to have several test sites running (during development),
and then later uploading them all.

__ Do I create and shared a folder on the DL4100 (i.e. local-ip-address/wordpress/www/),
and upload each individual site to it’s own folder within /www?
Or does it need to go wherever the ‘sample site’ is located – which I’m assuming it’s
hidden within the bowels of the DL4100 :frowning:
And if so, how then do I access each of these sites there?

__ Will the DL4100 also need the phpMyAdmin App, in order to accommodate the database?

Any advice welcome…


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The free versions often contain ads and this scares some users away

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