How to make a wordpress site and make it public

Is it possible to make a wordpress site and use it on my domain??? for example a domain

what i must do to make this site to work public after I make it local, also i would like to ask how can i see the files on the hdd of mycloudex2 that the system save. I cant find a way to find where my files are.

for example if we want to make multiple istances of wordpress sites can we?and how?


is there a tutorial?

Hi pelefant12, I haven’t tried this, but lets see if other users can share some advice. 


as this is also a idea I’m working on at the moment I share my results so far :slight_smile:

to access your site via your domain you have to point your domain to your routers WAN IP. I use for that as i don’t have static IP on WAN side.

On Your router you have to set up port forwarding Port 80 to the LAN-IP and Port 80 of your EX2. You then should be able to access your wordpress site by opening

I’m not 100% sure by now but it seems that “dashboard Cloud access” has to be enabled for this to work…

As i’m just starting with wordpress and the EX2 i can’t answer Your questions for the files and instances 100% but for me it seems that with running Wordpress as an “App” on the EX2 the App-Directories are not accessible from the dashboard maybe with ssh but i’m not sure yet.