From the internet cannot access WordPress on my WD EX2

Hope you can help. I cannot access my WordPress website on my WD EX2 from the internet.

I have a WD MyCloud EX2 - Firmware 5.05.111 - it has a Static IP configured (

Wordpress is installed and I can access the WordPress site via the local wifi network e.g.:

… also, from the local wifi network network, I can access the WordPress site using the external IP (I used the website to get my IP) e.g.:
http:// < external-ip > /WordPress/

… but when I try to access the site from another network (e.g. using 4G connection on my phone)… nothing happens. Any ideas on how to fix?


Notes: For Firmware 5.05.111, I do not see a section in Settings->General for “Cloud Access”

Notes: I enabled port forwarding on my router:
Name Protocol WAN port LAN port Destination IP
HTTP server TCP 80 80
HTTPS server TCP 443 443

Note: The router is:
Product Vendor is Technicolor and the model is MediaAccess TG588v v2


Any help appreciated :slight_smile: