EX4100 access issue from Internet

I have the WD EX4100, trying to access Wordpress on a custom port from the Internet.

Cloud Access in general is enabled, and custom ports are set.
Custom ports are setup configured in Port Forwarding.
I’ve confirmed (netcat, curl, wget) no issues actually getting through - I get the valid HTTP 403 response.

When I set ‘Dashboard Cloud Access’ to ON, I’m able to access/see the Dashboard on custom port, and I am also now able to see the wordpress site = http://:/wordpress.

As soon as I turn ‘Dashboard Cloud Access’ back OFF, I’m again not able to access /wordpress.

So…I am looking for any help to understand why this is happening and if, perhaps, I just have a setting somewhere else set incorrectly. I can’t understand why (unless it’s a firmware issue…currently on 2.30.181) this is happening. I’ve read every post here pertaining to “wordpress” and it seems like accessing /wordpress is/should be possible without exposing the Dashboard externally. Any insights are greatly appreciated. I did open a support ticket, but that has been an frustrating exercise in futility.

Hmm, I’ve just tried this too and while yes you can access /wordpress and other apps, it does leave the device exposed by not hiding the Admin login.

I’m trying to edit the php.ini so I can upload a 50MB+ SQL and I’ll be damned if I can find the right file…

Just curious Zuruiboy any idea where to look?

I sure don’t, sorry. I gave up on my effort and went a different route all together with what I was trying to do.