Accessing Wordpress for the internet

I installed Wordpress on my cloud and I can access it on the intranet. I then set my router to port forward HTTP request to my cloud’s IP address. When I enter the IP into a browser from another network it goes to the Apache service on my cloud but give a 403 Forbidden. How do I get it so I can access the Wordpress install?

Hi, which port did you forward to the My Cloud? Do you have UPnP setup on the router?

I forwarded port 80. I do not know anything about setting up UPnP.

For anyone who wants to know the answer to this is you need Settings/MyCloud Access/Cloud Sevice turn on. Make sure you have port 80 forwarded to your MyCould’s IP address. I have to admit WD support was really good at getting back to me and working for a long time. I was busy and they kept after me to make a time the tech could reach me. On the other hand, it took him about 1.5 hours to fix it. I kept telling him it was the server not working because I could reach the NAS. He kept messing with my router, and with which accomplished nothing. WD needs to note in the tech notes and on their help section what needs to be done.

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