Wireless Pro connect to PC

Hi, I have the WD passport wireless Pro and have been backing up SD cards to this whilst travelling. However now that im back im having trouble connecting the wireless pro drive to my pc via usb cable. When i plug it in nothing seems to show on the pc at all. It looks as though all that is happening is that the drive is being charged. I’ve tried this with the drive both off and on and in both usb 2 and 3 slots on multiple computers.

Is there something that im missing? Why is the drive not connecting? i have no wireless card in this pc.



It is possible that the drive has “drive lock” on, which stops the USB connection.

Connect to the Wireless Pro dashboard by WiFi, and look under the ‘hardware’ tab. If “drive lock” is on, then turn it off and all should now be fine.

@ibanks, it sounds like the drive is not getting mounted by the PC. Either your drive is locked as fbba mentioned or there is some other problem. Make sure you are using the USB cable provided with your drive. Contact WD Support team directly for help.